Sotiris Droulias

July 6th, 2011

Sotirios G. Droulias

Personal Information

Nationality: Hellenic
Date of birth: 09/08/1978
Address: Marousi, Hlois 81, 15125
Tel.: +302610  969350
Military serv.: fulfilled


2001 – 2006       PhD in nonlinear photonics, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece.
Thesis: “Localized spatio-temporal diffractive photonic patterns in inhomogeneous and
anisotropic materials, photonic crystals and micro-structured optical fibers”.
Numerical simulations and analytical calculations were executed on several aspects of
nonlinear light propagation. Nonlinear discrete X-waves were theoretically predicted and,
later, experimentally verified. Supervisor: Kyriakos Hizanidis.

1996 – 2001       Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Electrical and Computer
Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece.
Dissertation: “WDM of soliton pulses in photonic systems of periodic amplification”.
Supervisor: Kyriakos Hizanidis. Specialized in Telecommunications – Networks.
Degree grade: 8,02 / 10.

Scientific Activities

May 2009 – currently    BIND  project,  Soft  Matter  Theory  and  Simulations  Group,  Department  of  Material
Science,  University  of  Patras,  Greece  (funded  by  FP7).  Theoretical  modeling  of  biaxial
nematic liquid crystals, towards the design of fast response liquid crystal displays.

Nov 2002 – Nov 2005    HRAKLEITOS project, Plasma, Electron Beam and Nonlinear Optics Lab, NTUA, Greece
(co-funded by the European Social Fund (75%) and National Resources (25%)).
Research on spatiotemporally localized patterns in coupled nonlinear optical waveguides.

Oct 2004 – Dec 2004    CREOL / University of Central Florida, USA (funded by the HRAKLEITOS project).
Research on nonlinear discrete X-waves, nonlinear optical pulse compression.

Mar 2000 – Jul 2001     ULTRA project, Photonics Lab, NTUA, Greece (funded by Nortel Networks).
Design of an optical MUX/DEMUX (concave grating).

Working Experience

2009 – currently           University of Patras, Department of Materials Science, Lecturer 407/80. Courses:
Applied Math ΙΙ, Lab. of Physics ΙΙ, Lab. of Materials Science VI.

2008 – 2009                Α.S.PE.ΤΕ, Laboratory Associate. Courses: Telecommunications’ systems, Microwaves-
Antennas, Optoelectronics & Optical Communications.

Α.S.PE.ΤΕ, Laboratory Associate. Courses: Microprocessors, Digital Systems’ Design,
Microelectronics-VLSI, Automatic Control Systems.

I.E.K. Amarousiou, Instructor. Course: Microprocessors (theory and laboratory).

2007 – 2008                Military Service, Programmer. Network administrator (plus hardware support) during the
1st half of my service. Software development/debugging in C embedded SQL during the
2nd half of my service.

2005 – 2006                NTUA, lectures. Postgraduate course: Applications of nonlinear photonics.

2004 – 2005                Α.S.PE.ΤΕ, Laboratory associate. Courses: Microprocessors, Digital Systems’ Design.

2003 – 2004                Α.S.PE.ΤΕ, Laboratory associate. Courses: Microprocessors, Digital Systems’ Design,
Electronic circuits: measurements.

Publications – Conferences – Seminars

8 publications in international journals

Opt.  Commun.  (2002),  Phys.  Scripta  (2004),  Opt.  Commun.  (2004),  Opt.  Express  (2005),  Appl.  Phys.  Lett.
(2005), Intern. Journal of Bifurc. and Chaos (2006), Phys. Rev. Lett. (2007), Liq. Cryst. (2010).

14 announcements in international conferences

NLGW  (Italy  2002),  15th  Annual  LEOS  Meeting  (Scotland  2002),  ITCPP:  Complex  Plasmas  in  the  New
Millennium  (Greece  2003),  NLGW  (Canada  2004),  CLEO-QELS  (USA  2005),  NLGW  (Germany  2005),  SPIE
Photonics Europe (France 2006), ROMOPTO (Rumania 2006), CLEO-QELS (USA 2006), Photonic Metamaterials:
From Random to Periodic (USA 2006), 19th Annual LEOS Meeting (Canada 2006), 23
ILCC (Poland 2010), 11

ECLC (Slovenia 2010).

5 participations in seminars regarding Physics, Math and Computer Science

2nd, 4th and 5th School of Physics and Nuclear Fusion – EURATOM (Volos 2003, 2005 and 2006), Complexity in
science and society (Ancient Olympia 2004), School of Computer Science Officers (Goudi 2007).

Computer Skills

Progr. Languages          C, Assembly (z80), Oracle SQL, Pascal, Fortran, VHDL
Operating Systems        Windows, Windows Server 2003
Software                     Matlab, Mathematica, Maple, Toad, Origin, Electronics Workbench, Microwind, MS Office


Greek                         native language
English                        very fluent, holder of the Cambridge “First Certificate in English” degree
German                       holder of the Goethe “Zentrale Mittelstufenpruefung” degree
Spanish                       beginner

Distinctions – Scholarships

1990 – 1996                Awards of excellence (Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs) in all classes of
high school
Mar 2002 – Mar 2005    Scholarship of the «Special Account for Research» of NTUA (interrupted in Nov 2002 due
to the HRAKLEITOS scholarship)
Nov 2002 – Nov 2005    Scholarship: the Project HRAKLEITOS

Research Interests

Nonlinear  optics,  solitons,  nonlinear  guided  waves  and  fibers,  periodic  structures  and  photonic  crystals,
nanophotonics, nonlinear optical materials, anisotropic materials, liquid crystals.

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