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Molecular simulation of hierarchical structures in bent-core nematics

May 28th, 2011 Comments off
S. D. Peroukidis, A. G. Vanakaras, and D. J. Photinos, Phys. Rev. E,  84, 010702(R)  (2011).

Abstract: The structure of nematic liquid crystals formed by bent-core mesogens (BCMs) is studied in the context of Monte Carlo simulations of a simple molecular model that captures the symmetry, shape and flexibility of achiral BCMs. The results indicate the formation of (i) clusters exhibiting local smectic order, orthogonal or tilted, with strong in-layer polar correlations and anti-ferroelectric juxtaposition of successive layers and (ii) large homochiral domains through the helical arrangement of the tilted smectic clusters, whilst the orthogonal clusters produce achiral (untwisted) nematic states.


84, 010702(R) (2011)

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